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Movie Review: Kung Fu Panda 2

0 Comments 06 June 2011

Angelina Jolie,Martial Arts,Kung Fu Panda,Jack Black,Dreamworks Animation

Tigress Jolie (left), Panda Black

Us Rating: ***

In this sweet sequel to the 2008 animated smash, Jack Black merrily voices Po, the cuddly panda turned kung fu fighter. Now a full-fledged warrior, Po must save China from vile peacock Lord Shen (Gary Oldman). With fluid action sequences and luminous 3-D visuals, the film will tickle kids and engage their parents. Plus, Angelina Jolie returns to kick more butt as Tigress, and Seth Rogen continues to delight as the wisecracking tiny green Mantis.



photo credit: Dreamworks Animation
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