1. This is so much fun to read. Only I almost never get to the movies anymore. How did I end up this way? Perimenopausal and watching everything on Netflix? I guess poverty and parenthood is the answer. And I used to be such a movie slut and even went to Oscar parties in fancy dress.

    • How about this, Hope: looking at our comments you can pick one movie that you really want to see — and go on matinee day. My local theater, The Roosevelt, has very reasonable pricing on Tuesdays and during the day, so that’s when I go to see new releases I’ve missed. I’m also a Netflix addict.

  2. My dream line up would be (realistically also

    Sandra Bullock
    Evan Rachel Wood
    Octavia Spencer
    Melissa McCarthy
    Vanessa Redgrave

    Evan is so overdue and Octavia and Melissa might never see the Kodak again and they gave us such great characters this year – we want more of them!

    • Great list. And thought of another comic performance totally off the map: Kristen Wiig in Paul. Is Evan overdue? I’d agree for the Emmy. I’m not sure for the Oscar.

  3. I really hope Melissa McCarthy gets some Oscar love though they’re probably too “highbrow” to include such a brilliant comedic performance in their consideration. This was a really fun column!

    • I’m so glad you enjoyed the column, Bebe. I loved Susan’s explanations of why that performance really worked — why it was acting. Please tell me if there are performances we overlooked because it’s still possible to add a name to the race. Like piano practice, it just takes repetition.

  4. Although I guess it lacks a distributor, if Eye of The Storm gets released, I’d count on Judy Davis to deliver another great supporting performance. What an interesting actress she is, and what a great cast and director. even sight unseen, I don’t think Davis would be dull.

    • It opened in Australia, but hasn’t got a US release date. The closest I’ve gotten to seeing it is seeing the director Fred Schepisi, his actress daughter and Geoffrey Rush enjoying an Italian meal together in Toronto. The reviews have been generally positive. I always love Davis.

      • Although Fred Schepisi’s “The Eye of the Storm” had 3 sold-out screenings at the recent Toronto International Film Festival, I have the feeling not many U.S. based critics went to see the film there. But I did find one from a major US paper tweeting he’s predicting multiple acting nominations for Geoffrey Rush, Charlotte Rampling, and Judy Davis. Since this thread is about best supporting actress, that means Davis. But all of this hinges on ‘Eye’ finding a buyer for the US market. Quite sad if Davis’ work in the film (which The Hollywood Reporter called “one of her finest and most affecting” can’t be considered for lack of a US release.

        • Wow. I wonder if it’s currently in play. It will be late out of the gate for an Oscar run — but not impossible. Let me send out my secret spies and see what’s happening.

  5. I’m guessing Jessica Chastain and Octavia will make it in for The Help, and since they support each other in the movie through some moving and funny scenes…it just fits very well.

    For Bridesmaids, I loved Melissa and also Rose Byrne, but she’ll never be in the conversation.

    Sandra will get her after-glow nomination.

    Others: I do think Keira may go supporting, it’s less competitive for her. Carey Mulligan does nothing in Drive to warrant a nomination. Albert Brooks is the only one I would consider.

    • I honestly don’t think they’ll put Chastain up against Spencer. I think they’ll let Spencer go it alone and Chastain will get nominated for another movie: Tree of LIfe or Take Shelter. I agree with you re Bridesmaids — always a bridesmaid never an Oscar bride. Yes on Sandra. Yes, possibly, on Keira. I’d back her above all others in this category, even Octavia. But that’s absolutely my personal bias. Mullligan does nothing — check out my blog on that point “Drive, she said.” and I love Brooks and think he may have a “stab” at it.

  6. Too much time spent on the fat bridesmaid. Supp Actress is not boring this year. No one brought up Dench for J Edgar. Redgrave is getting in for Coriolanus.

    Oldman is at the peak of his sexiness in The Professional. Playing a sleazy, sweaty, a walking ball of lowlife.

    • True. Dench was overlooked for J. Edgar — and I’ve yet to see. I’m also hearing good things about Hugo, so who knows what rolls out of that movie. And Redgrave is such a done deal that we didn’t dwell.

      I always like Oldman — Book of Eli, too. Intelligence is sexy.


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