Outspoken film critic and storyteller 
devoted to expanding women’s voices and
viewpoints in fiction, film and television.

"For 30 years I've been upending the common narrative, as a film critic in a largely male field demanding more women’s voices in criticism and on screen, and as a historical novelist putting female characters front and center, first in the Western The Last Woman Standing
and the Family crime saga Bittersweet Brooklyn.
—Thelma Adams

About Thelma Adams

Thirty years ago, I crossed beneath the Manhattan Bridge, sidestepping rats, to review movies for the New York Post. That was my Rosalind Russell, His Girl Friday, breakthrough. Since then, I’ve published journalism and fiction, while advocating for empowering women’s voices.


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Thelma Adams, Speaker

When I interview celebrities—whether Kristen Stewart, Greta Gerwig or Jason Momoa—I listen actively. I improvise. In the moment, I strive to connect by asking questions that capture the authentic subject, enjoying the give-and-take while creating a safe space for the talent to reach and, ideally, electrify the audience.